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Still Laughing with the LORD

A Newsletter of Deborah Dee Harper
Author of inspirational and humorous Christian books for both children and adults.
Extra! Extra! Read all about it!

Actually, this isn't anything extra. It's just that I've always wanted to say that and never had a reason to before. And that's a good enough reason for me! 

Since this is the inaugural issue of Still Laughing with the Lord, I thought I'd start out with a short introduction. Many of you know me as a friend, former colleague at Ionia Public Schools in Ionia, Michigan (I am now comfortably and thankfully retired), neighbor, writing group buddy, old schoolmate, grandmother of six, and rabid fan of Colin Firth. Well, you don’t know about that last one. Probably just as well. 

Anyway, in addition to my above identities, I am also an author. A published author! I’ve dreamed of this for so long, and yet I still have trouble believing it’s true. I’ve been published for many years now, beginning with the newspaper column I authored with my dear friend, Karen Gregory, way back when and then on to a bunch of online publications, anthologies, and now novels. 

My first published book was a children’s inspirational adventure series called Laramie on the Lam. While it’s still available in a print compilation form (I have a few copies left), the publisher closed her doors, so it’s no longer available online. I plan to republish the series, though, dividing it into four books which will allow me to offer it at a more reasonable price to parents. If you’d like a copy of the compilation of all six stories (most of them book length--it's a hefty book), signed and sent to your address, the cost is $20.00. Just shoot me an email and I’ll be tickled pink to send it out. 

My first adult novel, Misstep, was published in August of 2015 and is the first book in my Road’s End series. The second book, Faux Pas, will be available on January 10th of 2017, and the third, Misjudge, will be published some time after that. Both books, as well as the third when it's published, are available on Amazon in both eBook and print, and on Barnes and Noble in print, as well as at discriminating book stores everywhere. (By discriminating, I mean the ones that tired of my begging and just put the darned books on the shelves to shut me up!)

To celebrate the publication of Faux Pas, I’m offering a giveaway of several special items to anyone who signs up for this newsletter! And to make things even better, anyone who pre-orders Faux Pas will receive my short story, Where in the World Is Road's End, Virginia?, as a thank you gift. It’ll give you an idea of the kind of folks you’ll be reading about in the Road’s End series—cranky, opinionated, devout, silly, loving, patriotic, and well, you’ll see! Just don’t say I didn’t warn you.


Please stay tuned for further updates (another important sounding announcement I've always wanted to say!) on the publication of Faux Pas (cover reveal, for one!) as well as the cool giveaways. 

Have you ever wondered ... 

Okay, I don't want to be the only one who has something to say in this newsletter. How about submitting a question for me to answer? It could be something about me, my writing journey, tips and advice about your own writing career, why I write, why I write in the Christian market rather than the secular, what I hope to do with my writing, my favorite books on writing--or (and this is my favorite) something about one or more of the crazy characters you'll find in Road's End, Virginia!

Just shoot me an email at the address below, and I'll answer your question in the next issue! I'm going to thank you ahead of time to make you feel guilty if you choose not to ask a question. After all, if someone thanks you before you do it, you have to do it or else you'll feel guilty and miserable, right? (Well, at least I'm counting on that being right.)  


My address is:

In the next issue

Just in case you're wringing your hands, worried about what will be in the next issue of Still Laughing with the Lord, fear no more. Next time I'll begin the introductions to the weird and wonderful residents of Road's End, Virginia, and give you a little bit of history and background about that historic, pre-Revolutionary War village. 

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