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Laramie Wyoming is in big trouble--as usual--but this is the biggest, baddest trouble he's ever gotten himself into.


Eleven-year-old Laramie is a lot of things: average student, a little mischievous, always messy, constantly curious, and on most days, a good big brother. But Laramie also loves adventure. He and his trusty black Labrador, Maestro, are always getting into some kind of a pickle. They live with Laramie's parents and his little sister in the town he was named after--Laramie, Wyoming. But when his mother, a travel writer, gets the chance to take her family with her on a trip around the country to write a book, they jump into their motor home and head for the great unknown. The adventure hasn't stopped since!


Even though he's used to getting in (and out) of scrapes, Laramie never--not in a million years--dreamed he and Maestro would end up being chased from Virginia to Alaska and lots of places in-between by bank robbers.


It's official: Laramie's on the lam!

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